Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is The Proposal So Important?

Research says, 80% of women were disappointed in how they were proposed to by their fiancé/husband. Next to the wedding day and giving birth, the proposal is the next most important event in a couple’s life. It shows your partner how much you care for their feelings and happiness. The first question they will be asked when they announce your engagement is, “How did he propose?” It is the story they will tell time and time again to friends, family, children, and grandchildren. Not only that, but with social media being so popular when it comes to showing photos and/or videos of the proposal and that all important picture of the ring, there is even more pressure to get it right.

Why Can't I Just Copy Something Off The Internet?

You could, but this would still take alot of organistion and time on your part. But more importantly, we understand that every relationship is unique. As a couple you have the memoryof your first date, where your first kiss was, favrourite songs and movies, the jokes only you two “Get”! You can not recreate this intamicey using someone elses idea. That’s why wework with you to get to know your relationship so that we create only truly bespoke proposals and custom romantic dates

How Much Should I Spend On The Proposal?

First of all you should always spend what you can afford. This is why we have a variety of packages to choose from depending on your needs and budget. We can offer something as simple as a picnic in your back garden, right up to organising a private jet to an exotic location, we will always be sure to remain within your budget. In addition we make you savings through our relationships with suppliers, these negotiated discounts and savings get passed onto you and makeup for the cost of us planning the proposal.

How Do You Help Me To Buy The Right Engagement Ring?

From our in-depth questionnaire we help find out your partner’s lifestyle and tastes. Once you have decided on the style of the ring, it’s time to visit jewelry stores. We shortlist the right designers/stores within your budget and book the appointments for you saving oodles of time! The diamond ring is often thought of as a sound investment however, a retailer can mark up a new diamond ring by up to 100%, and it could lose half its value the moment that you leave the shop. This is why we assist you thoroughly in the process and provide you with options to save you money, for instance by purchasing the stone separately or even organising a bespoke ring designer to recreate that iconic ring your intended saw in the shop window of Tiffany’s. We are like having your intended’s best friend there to hold your hand throughout, but our lips remain sealed.

Where Do You Plan Proposals?

We don’t just plan proposals in London and the Uk. We are able to plan proposals anywhere in the world!

Do You Work With Women To Plan Proposals?

Yes we do! We are also LGBT friendly.

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